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Title: HACMP/PowerHA Advanced Features & Problem Determination
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Experienced AIX administrators and system engineers who set up, maintain, and migrate complex HACMP configurations, and who are expected to resolve problems on the spot.


Participants learn how to simplify the resolution of complex objectives in the field of high availability with features offered by the more recent releases of HACMP. In relation to a minimalization of downtime the course will also include a discussion of migration procedures as well as techniques of resolving problems efficiently. The course also gives participants the opportunity to become familiar with all the new features of the version of PowerHA 6.1.


HACMP Internals
PowerHA Internals
- PowerHA specific processes
- Interaction of the processes
- Analysis of more specific logfiles
Analysis of existing high available configurations
- Efficient analysis of existing clusters
- Determine further configuration parameters
HACMP Monitoring
PowerHA Monitoring
- Monitoring PowerHA clusters
- Integration of third party software into the monitoring
- Practical examples
HACMP Problem Determination
PowerHA problem determination
- Typical error situations
- Techniques for efficient error correction
Complex PowerHA configurations
- Use of advanced features
- Migration of clusters without downtime

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HACMP30.4 - HACMP/PowerHA 7.1 Concepts & Implementation
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